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My clients say...
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Remember you are not alone ~ vous n'ĂȘtes pas seul ~ oza yo moko te
My clients say...

In what ways did counselling help you?
Realise the roots of my problems

  1. Feeling great about myself

  2. Be in control

  3. Help me cope with health better
    Handling things with care and being responsible

  4. feeling more relaxed about my issues
    5. Change my life
    6. Discover myself
    7. See clearer into things
    8. Help focus in the future
    9. Accepting who I am living with my condition
    10. Facing my Trauma and dealing with it, Helping with anxiety and depression as I am living a better life
    11. I can sleep better
    12. My controlling behaviour has stopped
    13. Acceltance of the world around me has improved